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Fuel Reseller

Fuel Stream is a worldwide reseller of aviation (Jet-A) fuel. Using an established network of intermediary service providers i.e. into-plane agent, truck operators, fixed-base operators, inventory facilities, pipeline facilities, etc. Fuel Stream will ensure the efficient, timely, and cost effective "into wing" fueling of it's customers aircraft at any of the over 2,500 airports around the world. Through it's highly experienced staff Fuel Stream will establish business relationships with global integrated major oil companies such as ExxonMobil, CheveronTexeco, Royal Dutch Shell, Air Total, AVFuel etc. national oil companies such as ADNOC, ENOC, Petronas, Petrobras, etc. as well as fixed-base operators and other resellers.

Fuel Stream model is based on creating the aggregate demand on behalf of its worldwide customer base to generate contract-based beneficial pricing for fuel from its global fuel supplier base. In addition, since some customers may require credit trade financing due to the scope of their business, Fuel Stream's risk management is creating credit policies to determine adequate support for such customers and facilitate the extension of credit to these customers in cases where major oil companies would typically not be positioned to service these accounts.

Supply Availability

Fuel Stream has established fuel supplies at over 2,500 locations worldwide, including major domestic and international airports. The only airport locations unavailable to the company are those where US government regulation restricts or prohibits involvement.

Government Approvals

Fuel Stream holds the following licenses;

  • Federal Excise Tax License;
  • U.S. Tax Licenses in 34 states; and,
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) approval in several EU countries.

Distribution Channels

Fuel Stream will conduct fuel sales using in-house account managers and marketing personal, contracted agents, and fuel service partners affiliated with various fuel suppliers. In the U.S. and Canada, Fixed Base Operators (FBO's) are utilized as agents. Internationally, the oil refiners control fueling locations and are considered both fuel suppliers and fuel service partners. Fuel Stream will purchase its product directly from suppliers and utilize service partners as sub-contractors for into-wing pumping services. Suppliers bill Fuel Stream for fuel purchased, fuel service partners bill Fuel Stream for the associated into-plane pumping fees, and Fuel Stream in turn provides its customers with timely and accurate aggregate invoices for fuel uplifted with detailed line items for all associated charges invoiced in the fueling of their aircraft.