Latest News → June 3, 2014 → Fuelstream Announces Plans To Provide Fuel Management Services → Fuelstream, Inc. (OTCQB: FLST) is pleased to announce plans to provide fuel management services for commercial aviation clients who have established relationships with major fuel suppliers and fuel service providers. Fuelstream plans to provide a custom fuel administration solution to commercial aviation clients looking to outsource that function of their business. Our goal will be to provide our customers with safe and efficient fueling services on an independent basis. Fuelstream plans to offer its clients’ significant cost savings and the capability to handle all arrangements. This will allow their flight department and crew members to focus on their mission, as well as their passengers and customers. We currently have the capability for both domestic and international trips and provide an end to end solution which includes submitting, researching, scheduling, verifying, and invoicing all of our clients’ purchases. Since Fuelstreem does not have an inventory, we are free to search all options for every client on every trip. Kevin Blanco, Vice President of Sales for Fuelstream said “Our accomplished professionals thoroughly understand our aviation clients’ business challenges. Our goal is to demonstrate our understanding of the requirements and responsibilities our clients’ face.” Mr. Blanco continued, “On the fuel management side of the business, we are still working on behalf of our clients, but the financial responsibility and risk is significantly minimized. We will continue to source, purchase, and deliver Jet-A fuel, but the fuel management side of the business provides an exceptional opportunity.”

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